Hide Prices Documentation

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Once you’ve purchased the plugin, you will receive a download link. Download the plugin and upload it to your WordPress/WooCommerce website. Once it’s uploaded, go to the WordPress Plugins page and activate the plugin.

Once activated, you can go to an individual WooCommerce product settings page to configure the options.

For simple products, you can go to the edit product page and in the “Product Data” meta window, you will now see the configuration options for hiding the product under the “General” tab.

For variable products, you will need to also go to the edit product page, but you will find the configuration options under the “Variations” tab when editing an individual product variation.


I’ve enabled the plugin but the prices are still not being hidden

First, make sure that you’ve enabled the correct configuration to hide the product. If everything looks good, there is a slight chance that the theme you are using has a custom way of displaying price data that we’re not able to override. Get in contact with us and we will assist in getting the plugin to work with your theme.


  • 0.1 – Initial Release
    • Includes the ability to hide prices and the add to cart button Works for product variations and offers the ability to disable the add to cart button for variations