About WP Geeks

About WP Geeks

Setting up and running an online store with WooCommerce can be complicated. There are so many things to do. There are also hundreds of settings, plugins and themes to choose from and it often becomes overwhelming. We aim to simplify WooCommerce with easy to follow guides, videos and plugins that make setting up your store a breeze.

Meet the founder

My name is Matt Geri and I run WP Geeks. I have been doing WordPress development since 2005 for both small, medium and enterprise businesses. I also run my own online WooCommerce store. I love to teach and share what I’ve learned during my many years of working with WordPress and WooCommerce and running online stores.

I started WP Geeks in 2007 offering services, products and guides for WordPress and WooCommerce. Since then, we’ve narrowed down our focus to building great plugins and writing amazing guides for WooCommerce.

Why WP Geeks?


Products developed by seasoned WooCommerce engineers and experts.


Convention over configuration. Products developed with the end user in mind.


Strict coding standards are applied to product development at all times.


Our products are built to be both secure and blazingly fast.

Contact WP Geeks

The best way to get in contact with us, is through our support desk.