WPGeeks.com Launches!

Welcome to the new WPGeeks.com!

I’m excited to bring you a brand new chapter in the life of WPGeeks. You see, in the past WPGeeks has worn many hats. From a small consulting business, to a specialist WordPress integration service, and even the start of a WordPress plugin business. Most recently though, it’s been a sad, empty, landing page.

After going through all these website and service iterations, I’m excited to announce that it is now the home of what will become the number 1 WordPress training and news website. Period.

I’ve spent the past two years, personally sharpening my WordPress development skills and I have a ton of information to share. I’m excited about this and can’t wait to start sharing content. The plan though, is to make this website much bigger than myself and I’m working on some partnerships to get more content from other great WordPress developers in the industry.

So to get started, I’m importing a whole bunch of content I’ve written over the past while and that should be live this week. This includes articles and videos.

Then, start looking forward to daily content from tomorrow! I hope you are as excited as I am about the future of WPGeeks!