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You’re a lifestyle blogger and not a programmer. We know that updating your blog layout, adding new features and keeping it backed up and free from hacks can be super difficult and frustrating for you!

At the end of the day, you should be spending your time on what you’re good at (blogging, beautiful imagery and brand relationships), not having to tweak HTML, PHP and worrying about your site going down.

Well, imagine having someone to manage all the technical pieces of your blog for you, at the click of a button 😉 Need a new header, done! Need to add a fancy image gallery, done! Daily backups and theme/plugin updates, done!

That’s what WP Geeks is. Your personal blog concierge service. We’re your technical partner who you can call on at any time.

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Our lifestyle blog management plans start at $49 per month and include monthly development hours, daily backups, uptime monitoring and monthly reports.

Not interested in monthly support, but just need a one off job done to your blog? No problem, our custom blog development starts at $49 per hour.

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