There are two ways in which you can use this plugin.

  1. As a sidebar widget
  2. Custom function in your theme files

To get you started quickly, we recommend using the sidebar widget. If you’re interested in using the custom function, check out our Custom Function documentation.

Using the WP Most Popular Widget

Follow the steps below to add the WP Most Popular widget to your theme’s sidebar.

  1. Go to the WordPress Admin
  2. Hover over Appearance on the sidebar and click Widgets
  3. Find and click the WP Most Popular widget
  4. Select the sidebar to add the widget to
  5. Click Add Widget
  6. Choose your preferred settings inside the widget options on the right hand side
  7. Click Save

The widget will now appear on your theme’s sidebar. Remember that if you’ve just activated the theme, it might take a little bit of time for the plugin to gather data and rank your most popular posts before they start displaying.

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