We’ve Launched!

I’m over-the-moon excited today to launch a new era of WP Geeks. Starting today, WP Geeks is setting out to become the best WordPress based software and support business.

That’s an ambitious undertaking as we know that the existing market is competitive and if we’re honest, we’re up against some really strong competitors. A question I’ve often asked myself while pondering on the idea of re-launching WP Geeks is, does WordPress need another software and support business?

The answer to that question comes down to whether or not WP Geeks can offer something to the market which other business are not offering. I strongly believe that we can and will, and that’s why we’re here, announcing our launch today.

Talk is cheap and I’m a big believer in actions speaking louder than words, and over the next few months as we bring new products to market, I’m hoping to show you the unique value that WP Geeks offers.

We’re taking this journey one step at a time and I really look forward to sharing it as we go along through this blog.


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